Anti Time Wrist Watch Hate Mail Club 😒 ⏰ ❌

Why are conventional "time based" watches bad? Consider the following phrases commonly used in English as demonstrative proof to ditch your wrist watch

  • Watch yourself buddy.
  • I'm killing time.
  • I'm working against the clock.
  • A watched pot never boils.

Time To Say Goodbye to Watches That Tell Time

Why is Jeff Bezos building a time telling clock inside his private mountain? It will last 10,000 years. It will tick once a year. And his employees don't even have time to go potty while they drive their delivery trucks around lol. Plus, did I mention...

It cost $42 million!?!

Why were wrist watches invented?

The military needed a way to coordinate their attacks during World War 1

and the next obvious evolution for humanity is a Watch That DOESN'T Tell Time™