New Unicorn Duck Release

Fun and Magical

A Uniduck Watch That Doesn't Tell Time

These cute lil creatures are a special combination of duck and unicorn. Are they good at swimming? YES. Are they good at galloping over rainbows? ABSOLUTELY. With their gold horns they point the way to a fun and magical time. A new sparkly pool base shines as bright as you do wherever you go. You can wear this whenever you want to see the magic in the moment, when you want to declare to the universe that time is precious and that there is no such thing as "running late". When you need a gentle reminder that you are made of stardust sweetie, and what you do with your time is a special gift.

Cat and the Unicorn Ducks

It was just 3 months ago that we sat down with Cat. She was telling us how much she loved our duck watches, and how she believed in our movement against time keeping and our resistance to the distractions of modern technology. The only problem was that she didn’t see the perfect duck watch for her. The thing is, Cat loves the color pink. Everything about it. The sweet and happy energy of pink, the way it makes her feel, all the different shades. She believes pink is the happiest color of all! So she began to dream up her perfect watch. It started with the color pink. And then we found sparkly fabric and she helped pick the perfect color for the base of the watch. Then we started making unicorns… and of course she needed a pink one! We put gold on their cute little beaks and unicorn horns. Finally when we gave Cat her watch she squealed and screamed with delight and almost started crying and danced around town and to everyone she saw she said “May I show you my adorable new watch? It doesn’t tell time and it’s SO CUTE and I love it sooo much!!”

The people loved her watch and so many of them felt the same feeling that she had felt months ago. Finally there is a Watch That Doesn't Tell Time for all the pink lovers out there!! We put our team of artists and watch makers to work and began producing Cat's Pink Sparkly Unicorn watch. We think Cat's got quite the knack for designing cute, fun, and fashionable watches. What do you think?

Yeah we really did it...a luxury watch with
precious solid metal unicorn ducks

This is our newest offering to the world of alternative timekeeping, a line of luxury duckies. Do you want an elevated accessory that stands for something meaningful, and looks sooooo darn cute? You can now adopt solid sterling silver and rose gold plated unicorn ducks.