Time to be Happy Again

Let's be real, time telling watches are irrelevant. They're status symbols disguised behind a quickly fading veil of functionality. So what is it really? It's expression. It's a way to communicate style or personality. It presents an interesting opportunity to communicate your personal relationship with Time. Would you like a reminder that Time is a malleable construct? That there is more to life than getting to the meeting 5 minutes early to impress your coworkers? That fun so often happens when you stop looking at a clock? Because when was the last time you looked at a watch and thought "now I am happy and connected to this moment".


What's The Deal With Watches That Don't Tell Time?

Super Cute and Fun

Honestly sometimes it's that simple. Who doesn't love tiny fun cute things?

Destress Yourself

Our watches are like nicotine patches for people with time anxiety. You put one on, and everytime you fall into the habit of glancing at your wrist, "oh look my cute lil ducky 🥰 🦆 ❤️ 😚 " happens instead.

Excellent Value

You could spend $7,900 on a Rolex and our watch would make you happier and get you more compliments.

Fidgeting Feels Good

Why do you think fidget spinners and push pops are everywhere? This is the artsy, high quality version of that.

Creative Expression

A watch is a great way to accessorize. It's your avatar, the least you could do is be a little imaginative with how you dress.