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Watches That Don't Tell Time

Bee Here Now

Bee Here Now

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What's in this watch? Bee??? Here? Now?! Yes that's right, plus with a few cute lil flowers and plants to keep her company. 

"The Bee, attracted by the scent of the flower, lands on one, then another, inadvertently enabling reproduction. Should the bee go extinct, not just flowers but birds, small mammals, and humans would likely also cease to exist. It's fair to assume that the bee doesn't know it's role in this interconnected puzzle and in preserving the balance of nature. The bee is simply being."

-Rick Rubin

Everyone says wearing a normal watch symbolizes your value as a diligent, hard working person of industry and value 💪 🏭 ⏰. While those people may idolize the cold, robotic precision of metal and springs, some of us see things a little differently. Some of us understand the industriousness of the common honey bee, Apis mellifera. She is somehow able to sustain the life of an entire colony without any sense of time beyond the sun 🌞 and the seasons ⛄️ 🌱 🏖️  🍂  . 

We have a few natural top-bar beehives. Every day, some bees become too old or worn out to get back to their home. They live for about 6 weeks and during that time they may

  • fly 500 miles
  • collect 0.5g of pollen (5x her bodyweight)
  • collect 0.4g of honey (4x her bodyweight)
  • visit up to 100,000 flowers
  • produces 0.35g of wax (3.5x her bodyweight)

They do all this and so much more without insurance, permits, getting paid, alarm clocks, social media, or ibuprofen. But at some point they lose their ability to fly, their minds get hazy, and in some cases are removed from their homes by their sisters for showing signs of weakness. When we spot these forlorn stragglers wandering on the ground, we relocate them somewhere nice. She lives out her last day surrounded by real flowers, honeycomb, honey and water in a climate-controlled environment. We never kill any bees for Watches That Don't Tell Time, and in fact save them from being eaten by spiders or birds, and from freezing to death in the cold of night.

This is a down-to-earth watch, featuring a leather band, bamboo and glass case, with a sustainably harvested honey bee mounted alongside dried plants within the display case. 

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