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Devil Duck // Watches That Don't Tell Time

Devil Duck // Watches That Don't Tell Time

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A black pool of lava for your 2 devilish lil ducky pals to splash around in. It will have a lava patterned fabric bottom for the lil demons to swim on, and will have a smooth black silicone band for you to wear.

The order will include:
-1 Black Pool with Lava Pattern
-2 red demon/devil duckies
-1 smoky volcano
-1 black silicone band

plus all the standard documents and paperwork signed and ready for you to adopt these duckies and assume full legal responsibility for their well-being.

SHIPPING SPEED: These art watches are made to order and currently have a 5-10 business day lead time. Reach out if you're feeling impatient with your time 😉 and we may be able to expedite your order. 

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