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U.S. Navy NWU Type III // Watches That Don't Tell Time Active

U.S. Navy NWU Type III // Watches That Don't Tell Time Active

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A regulation olive green pool for your 2 enlisted lil rubber ducky pals to splash around in. It will have the standard-issue Navy Working Uniform Type III (NWU III) digicam patterned fabric bottom for the lil duckies to camouflage in, and will have a smooth black silicone band for you to wear. Each ducky service member is also issued a regulation 8 point cover in olive green.

The ducks and bubbles are magnetic making them fun and easy to move around in the pool, or even onto other metal surfaces. People that fidget love them! It's also a great way to change how you treat time...whenever you go to look at your watch, instead of stressful numbers you'll see these cute happy little ducks 😊 in your duck watch

The order will include:
-1 Olive Pool with NWU III Digicam Pattern
-2 yellow rubber duckies w/ 8 point cover hats
-1 splashy bubble
-1 black silicone band

plus all the standard documents and paperwork signed and ready for you to adopt these duckies and assume full legal responsibility for their well-being.

SHIPPING SPEED: These art watches are made to order and currently have a 5-10 business day lead time. Reach out if you're feeling impatient with your time 😉 and we may be able to expedite your order.

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